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4YP working together for the Ipswich community thanks to help from Workhorse Generation

Workhorse Generation's vision of being a Charity Hub helping young people face what life throws at them as they prepare for working life goes hand in hand with what 4YP do every day!

4YP are based in Ipswich town centre, working from their hub as well as in schools and on the streets of the community. They actively support children, young people and young adults aged between 7 and 25 to have somewhere safe, something positive to do and someone trusted to talk with.

Conversations between Workhorse Generation and 4YP quickly developed into how Workhorse Generation could support them in this vital support to the Ipswich community. The 4YP team were working in the Ipswich hub on separate workstations and in a not very welcoming or productive environment. However, they quite rightly use the funding they receive on the work they do to support children, young people and young adults.

Having identified an immediate need, Workhorse Generation, through their associated ReWORK initiative donated and delivered two new workstations along with new office chairs to 4YP, allowing the team to work closer together and in a more proactive way to plan and support the community. John Weller from 4YP said ‘’The two workstations that Workhorse have donated have enabled the management team at 4YP to integrate into one office together and benefit from being in the same room and to work more synergistically.’’

Workhorse Generation are committed to working with, and supporting charities throughout the United Kingdom and beyond and it's of no doubt 4YP are a charity that share our own values. We will continue to be a partner and we have already arranged another delivery of office furniture to further support 4YP to really make a difference to children, young people and young adults in and around Ipswich.

Gavin Stone, Chief Executive Officer for 4YP said ‘’It’s a privilege to be a charity partner with an organisation that has a young people centred vision and mission that align so closely to our own at 4YP. Workhorse Generation provide us with connections into wider networks of support that underpin and enable our face to face work with young people at our Ipswich town centre hub, in schools, in the community and on the street’’


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