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Workhorse Generation take ReWORK to Scotland with Falkirk Foundation

Workhorse Generation's ReWORK project team were delighted to complete their first project north of the border recently, in partnership with Falkirk Foundation.

The ReWORK project originates from Essex but now operates nationwide, providing a range of high quality new or nearly new office furniture FREE of charge to charities, business start-ups and other good causes.

After positive discussions between Falkirk Foundation chief executive Derek Allison and Workhorse Generation's Fraser Cromar, it quickly became apparent that a partnership between the two would benefit both parties but more importantly to that it would benefit the local community which Falkirk Foundation support.

The foundations facility, Woodlands Community Sports centre in Falkirk, is currently going through a major refurbishment. Upgrading several office spaces, a learning area and a meeting space which will be used to support local groups and charities who are currently struggling to source space to run projects from.

After learning of these plans ReWORK stepped in to provide and deliver office desks, chairs, storage cabinets, pedestals, meeting desks and white boards. Usually the Charity would have had to spend precious funds buying in these items to furnish these areas. In reality that means less money is available for the delivery of community projects. With ReWORK providing these items it allows Falkirk Foundation to concentrate its resources in delivering the projects that will make a difference to the community and tomorrow's generation.

Falkirk Foundation Chief Executive Derek said 'The Falkirk Foundation recently secured funds to renovate the facility known as Woodland Community Sports Hall which is positioned in the centre of Falkirk. The renovation is a major overhaul of the facilities and once completed will benefit the community who use them. The previously unusable rooms will be made available to community groups and will allow the community groups to hold meetings and classes in them. Although there was a significant investment in the facility office furniture was not part of it. At a meeting with Fraser, he informed me of ReWORK which is a project delivered by Workhorse Generation that provides free of charge high quality new or nearly new furniture. The service from start to delivery and assembly was first class and I still can't believe that it was free of charge. The initiative is an excellent idea and one that saves a lot of unwanted office furniture being sent to landfill. I can't thank them enough for all the equipment they have provided.'

Fraser Said 'Living locally I was keen to extend the ReWORK project to Scotland and after a meeting with Derek it was clear we could help out. Workhorse Group do things differently and ReWORK showcases that. Charities, business start-ups etc. are really up against it with costs spiralling and more people needing support than ever before, we can save charities money by not forking out for furniture etc. and allow them to spend on front lines services as well as protecting the environment its a win win.'

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