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ReWORK, the furniture re-use scheme which entwines the ethos and values of its creator Workhorse Group, by supporting the environmental push preventing landfill and lowering its carbon footprint and supporting communities nationwide by donating furniture free of charge to Charities, Community Hubs, Start-up Businesses and the Education Sector.


We believe in the need for environmental change and the need to take action now in order for there to be a positive future for tomorrow's generation, and with ReWORK we can make a real environmental impact.




TRANSDEC Moving Business are the commercial removal arm of Workhorse Group and it is through them this scheme works. TRANSDEC take care of businesses all over the UK and part of their works involve commercial and office clearance alongside storage. TRANSDEC will carry out the clearance for their customers, but instead of sending fantastic quality furniture to landfill, their customers are offered the option of using ReWORK - allowing their furniture to find a home within communities or supporting a new business on their journey.


Each donation is then certificated and sent on to there customer with a break down of where there furniture has gone.

Garbage Factory


Landfill sites are partially responsible for global warming as they generate and release biogas into the atmosphere. Biogas is a mixture formed primarily of methane gas (CH₄) and carbon dioxide (CO₂), two of the gases that cause climate change and an increase in the planet's temperature. According to the ISWA report, if the current situation continues and we do not take action, landfill sites will account for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Some of these landfills have degassing methods, which is an improvement over conventional landfills, but still has its drawbacks: degassing is usually performed after the landfill cell has been closed, so methane from the more readily biodegradable components will have already been released into the atmosphere before degassing occurs. Horizontal degassing projects that aim to capture methane while the landfill cell is still in operation achieve better results, but they can only capture a portion of the methane generated.


Landfill can cause fires or explosions

Sometimes methane produced by waste from landfill sites can cause explosions and fires. This downside is more common than meets the eye, because the fires that occur are not regular fires with flames, but fires that occur inside the landfill. Dioxin emissions from these spontaneous uncontrolled fires are also very harmful to the environment, not to mention the damaging effects they have on aquifers, whose waterproofing membranes are affected by the fire.

 Landfill can contaminate soil and water

Landfill sites are often responsible for the contamination of soil and groundwater, as the contaminating materials (such as heavy materials like lead and mercury) that the stored waste may contain can spread to the soil and water near the plant.

Moreover, although it is not very common for waterproofing membranes to rupture, it has a devastating effect on the environment when they do.

 Landfills can affect bird migration

Landfill sites have particularly negative effects on bird migration. Some birds feed from landfill sites, inevitably ingesting plastic, aluminium, gypsum and other materials that are common among waste, which can even prove fatal.


In addition, another of the dangers posed to birds by landfill sites is that they are altering their migratory activity. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of cases of species that have stopped migrating to the south and are instead choosing to nest in areas near landfill sites thanks to the endless food supply they provide. This is not only detrimental because, as we have seen, this can be a deadly diet for them, but also because their young already tend to ignore traditional migratory behaviour, so the problem is exacerbated with each generation.

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With nature we have adapted to our self-absorbed needs, 

the outcome from centuries of man’s progressive deeds - THE GREAT INTERFERENCE


With forests, with ice caps disappearing every second, 

with species now just an echo of myth of legend. 

Our eyes are wide open, but we just don’t see, its tomorrow’s problem, 

what’s it to do with me? - THE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE


The option to rewind has long since passed, how do we make that difference that to last? 

Future generations needing a beacon of light a generation of today to carry the fight! 



Eyes wide open - THE BIGGER PICTURE

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