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Born through the passion and vision of the Workhorse family with their drive and sense of RESPONSIBILITY to help leave a sustainable planet for generations to come - we are proud to present REWORK.


Workhorse Group, across their removal family, understand the need to offset their carbon emissions as they trundle up and down the country and are honoured to work alongside Ecologi to help bring their carbon offset to REALITY - for more information on how we do this please click the Ecologi link below.


Working alongside and within some of the country’s leading blue chip companies, the Workhorse family are delighted to offer RE-USED office furniture to help charities, schools and start up businesses alike on their journey while also helping the environment by minimising the amount of waste going into landfills.


For more information on how we may help you please enquire via the links above by clicking if you are a Charity, School or Start Up Business.

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